2. The Ultimate Story and Message Optimization Blueprint


“One of the biggest mistakes I made early on, and a mistake hundreds of my students have also made, is to mistake their message and their Authentic Story for marketing and sales copy. Without carefully unpacking your life lessons in order to reveal your authentic brand story and message – the best sales copywriting and marketing funnels in the world are only temporary band-aids for fly-by-night products and services.”

– Russell Wright


Authentic Message Extraction and Story Optimization

One of the most inspiring things that a business owner can discover is that their own personal story matters more than persuasive and manipulative sales copywriting.

Russell Wright spent over 10 years studying sales copywriting with many of the well-known gurus in the field. He also founded a company that teaches neuromarketing principles and the science of persuasion to hundreds of students around the world.

After a 10 years journey of inventing and building proprietary marketing software and sales systems, Russell discovered there was something authentic missing that his students needed to cultivate. This became known as The Authentic Personal Story for individuals and The Authentic Brand Story for larger companies.

Stop Trying To Create Your Brand Message First

Almost everyone who is trying to build a brand struggles to extract their message by force. Or they try to snap their fingers and create a message magically- out of thin air.

The secret is that you cannot ever discover and deploy your powerful brand message without first discovering and creating your own inspiring, congruent, authentic and profitable Story.

So, by discovering and sculpting your story first, you automatically give birth to your message.

Once you have your message, you can use it in all of your marketing copy, books, audios, videos, movies and more. You will always know who you are and what to say regardless of context.

Yes, there is a precise way to do this. It is called The Authentic Storytelling Blueprint, and it is one of the most profitable and rewarding things you will ever accomplish.