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Russell is a true visionary and has always been way ahead of his time. In my early years of online marketing, Russell’s systems, technologies and teachings were not only foundational to my career as a marketer, they transformed my consulting business and provided me with a true competitive edge that helped distinguish myself in a very crowded and competitive market. As a ThemeZoom Certification Alumni, I consider Russell a valuable mentor and a solid source of insight and knowledge. On a personal level, Russell is extremely helpful, considerate and attentive to the needs of his clients, always generous with this knowledge and a great leader and trendsetter in his field(s) of expertise, which are many. After each conversation, it took me a few days to process all that was passed on to me. I confidently recommend Russell and his systems for anyone looking to truly dominate their market and stepping up their marketing chops.

Fabiano Moura

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Russell M Wright

Russell Wright got his SEO start in early 2004 after attending the Bruce Clay Certified SEO Training Program in Simi Valley California. From there he started an SEO software company with enterprise software architect Sue Bell. This company was call Theme Zoom LLC and later became Network Empire LLC. Russell co-invented well known SEO software tools like The Krakken Market Research Tool, The Last Keyword Tool (Now Called Keywords by Network Empire), The Painfinder Software, Domain Web Studio (also called DWS NE Silo Builder) as well as several SEO Wordpress Plugins. Russell Wright and Theme Zoom are probably best known for bringing SEO Website Silo Architecture to the masses