3. Offer and Sales Copy Optimization



“Dan Kennedy famously said ‘It’s the Offer Stupid!’ and I would clarify that by saying ‘It’s the Relevant Offer Stupid!’. But creating offers that are both relevant and congruent is not as easy as it sounds, and the type of sales copywriting you use will depend upon several variables. But I can show you how to hit one out of the park almost every time. “

– Russell Wright


Winning Offers and Sales Copy Optimization That Converts

Russell Wright has written hundreds of highly converting sales pages for his own software companies and he has designed and audited hundreds of website landing pages for his students and clients since 2005.

Russell also teaches successful copywriting, neuromarketing and offer creation at his yearly $20,000 per seat, 6-day Live Certification Events hosted by one of his software companies.

There are many different types of sales letters and offers, and there are many variables to consider before choosing a particular template, style or position.