Hello, and Welcome to Russell Wright Digital.

Many of you know me as the co-inventor of  the Theme Zoom and Network Empire software.

Word is starting to ‘get out’ that those companies are no longer my focus. Although I have enjoyed co-developing the keyword research software and many of the traffic generation methods behind those brands – I have moved on to extreme SEO, traffic creation, brand storytelling and business model optimization methods that include and ultimately transcend the educational and technological frame that I have used to helped hundreds of students since 2006.

Additionally, my expertise in those disciplines are customized to address your personal case. My coaching and/or consulting aims to provide all of this without any complicated courses to navigate that may not be useful in your own case.

Please be advised that the 7 modules on the right are ‘stacked’ in the order you would take them if you had to start from the beginning. After a decade of working with business owners and students worldwide, I have learned the natural progression of ‘confusion’ students have when trying to ‘create or fix’ an online business. They try to do everything all at once. And this often generates a business failure. Therefore I have provided the simplest possible sequence that you could use to build a REAL online business if you had to start with nothing.

Also be aware that I do have both monthly and yearly retainers that give you weekly access to myself and my SEO team if necessary. My SEO team includes one of the most skilled SEO professionals I have ever worked with, Jimmy Kelley.  Also, be advised that my current projects include the use of extreme SEO and traffic technologies that transcend anything that I have ever offered before.

We are in extremely high demand and the moment, and I thank you for your patience as ths site is very much in development.

Module 1: Business Model Blueprint

Over the last 10 years, Russell Wright has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. Many of his students are in the middle of their own business start ups or launching their own . . .

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Module 2: Story and Message Blueprint

One of the most inspiring things that a business owner can discover is that their own personal story matters more than persuasive and manipulative sales copywriting . . .

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Reason 3: Offer and Sales Copy Blueprint

There are many different types of sales letters and offers, and there are many variables to consider before choosing a particular template, style or position . . .

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Reason 4: Facebook Audience Syphon

One of the many amazing systems invented by my business partner and world renowned SEO and traffic expert Jimmy Kelley is our proprietary Facebook Audience Syphon System . . .

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Reason 5: Sales Funnel Blueprint

Generally, small business owners work on building a lead funnel before they develop the prerequisites . . .

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Reason 6: Extreme SEO and Traffic

You Must DO SEO In Order to Teach SEO.   – Jimmy Kelley  

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Reason 7:  Why You Should Buy This Theme

After 15 years building online businesses, I have discovered a way to stay extremely healthy while earning 7 figures online. What good is making a lot of money if it destroys your heart and health.

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