6. Extreme SEO and Traffic


You Must Actually DO SEO In Order to Teach SEO.   – Jimmy Kelley

In all of my 13 years inside the SEO industry, Jimmy Kelley is the most skilled SEO I have worked with.

– Russell Wright

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Jimmy Kelley SEO Live – February 2017

How Russell Got Started In the SEO Business

Russell Wright got his SEO start in early 2004 after attending the Bruce Clay Certified SEO Training Program in Simi Valley California. From there he started an SEO software company with enterprise software architect Sue Bell. This company was call Theme Zoom LLC and later became Network Empire LLC.

Russell co-invented well-known SEO software tools like The Krakken Market Research Tool, The Last Keyword Tool (Now Called Keywords by Network Empire), The Painfinder Software, Domain Web Studio (also called DWS NE Silo Builder) as well as several SEO WordPress Plugins.

Russell Wright and Theme Zoom are probably best known for bringing SEO Website Silo Architecture to the masses.

The SEO Calling

During the early years of Theme Zoom (2008), Russell created The 9 Species of Keywords and The Keyword Cycle, which sought to clarify the different levels of importance between different kinds of keywords. Russell’s calling was to develop a completely holistic keyword research system that would allow his team to automate the website building process with optimal keyword structure and website silo architecture. He believed that latent semantic indexing and co-occurrence were key factors in making all of this happen.

By 2010, the Krakken technology had become the most advanced vertical market keyword research tool in the world, able to research a vertical market theme automatically and syphon all of the most profitable keywords into a simple to read keyword list. Network Empire was then formed to provide an education and training platform for students worldwide. Training included advanced traffic generation and Theme Zoom software training for SEO and digital marketing students.

SEO website silo architecture still works today. Using website silo architecture, website link juice is effectively directed to topical keywords or themes in order to increase their ranking on the search engines. The effectiveness of this method has gradually declined over the last few years because

The Big Chill: How SEO Changed

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