1. The Business Model Optimization Blueprint


“One of the biggest mistakes I made running my own first company was getting too close to my own business and brand creation at a time when I urgently needed to make a strategic pivot. Let me look at your business with you and help you uncover the best possible options. Having me as a consultant and mentor is not cheap, but it can save your ass.”

– Russell Wright



The Business Model Optimization Blueprint

Over the last 10 years, Russell Wright has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. Many of his students are in the middle of their own business start ups or launching their own products. Russell got his start in business as an SEO lead acquisition expert and SEO software developer. During the launch of his own successful companies, he faced several temporary business failures and problems that needed to be solved. Because of his own experience, he was naturally drawn

Common Failures Prevented by Consulting

Russell’s business students commonly experience a failure to properly plan.

The Start Up Audit and Mentoring Package

Russell will audit your business model so that you will avoid common start-up failures.

A direct hands-on start-up consultation and audit with ongoing mentoring is the best way to become a successful entrepreneur and create a business money machine.

I have seen many of my students and even business partners get ‘too close’ to the dream of their start up. There is nothing wrong with a dream and a vision. I believe that an inspired vision is  greater than half of your business success. There are, however, guaranteed business points of failure that you must avoid. I will help you do that.

Current Business Model Audit and Pivot

Even if your business has been around for awhile, sometimes you need to pivot.

Pivoting is one of the most dangerous moves for a business owner and entrepreneur.

Paradoxically, most business owners wait until it is too late to do so.

If you have a current business that is struggling you may need an audit. Russell can mentor you with his own experience of several successful business pivots that he accomplished within his own successful companies.


Some Business Optimization Tools You Will Be Exposed To As A Client

Tools Invented by Russell That He Will Use To Help You During a Consult: