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What is SEO Website Silo Architecture?

Website silo architecture is an internal website linking structure that (when executed properly) will tend to create higher rankings on the search engine for keywords contained within the silo structure. Usually, a silo structure has a silo landing page in which three to five keywords can be targeted for ranking, preferably with one overlying topical theme.

Website silo architecture was first taught as early as 2003 by our original SE0 mentor Bruce Clay, from Bruce Clay Inc.

In 2006, after graduating from a Bruce Clay certified training event, Russell Wright communicated the “SEO silo” ranking method to military level software architect Sue Bell for verification and enhancement.

Two years later Theme Zoom LLC was created in order for Sue Bell and Russell Wright to properly incorporate website silo architecture into an enterprise software application called Theme Zoom 1.0.

The purpose of Theme Zoom 1.0 was to allow the end-user full access to the most profitable keywords available and guide keyword placement decisions. One of the more difficult aspects of manual website silo architecture is the optimal placement of keywords and themes within an appropriate website hierarchy while considering both and user experience and technical SEO ranking factors.

In 2008, Theme Zoom 1.0 became the SEO Silo Krakken Blueprint, and is used today by thousands of students all over the world.

Krakken contains two powerful research technologies never before available to the general public.

The first technology is called a VOMA or vertical online market analysis. One of the major problems with a keyword research mindset is that students tend to forget the big vertical market picture while grovelling around for low hanging fruit. This is a poor way to research vertical markets and/or enhance niche market themes.

Krakken VOMA solved this problem by using latent semantic indexing and natural language processing as algorithms.

Rather than focusing on a long tail keywords Krakken optimizes vertical markets by returning ONLY fresh squeezed keywords extracted from highly competitive vertical market themes.

After Krakken VOMA was successfully implemented, the Krakken SEO silo blueprint technology was created. Years later a second application for further SEO website silo architecture enhancement and customization was created. This software application is called DWS NE Silo Blog Empire builder. This software was created for the sole purpose of extremely accurate website silo architecture construction, vertical market analysis implementation, longtail and short tail keyword research, business decision algorithm analysis, online business data sculpting, and one-click website silo architecture construction. Using both DWS NE Silo Builder and Theme Zoom Krakken Blueprint Output, it is possible to import your website silo architecture directly into your WordPress blog as long as you have the WordPress SEO Website Video Silo  Plugin installed.

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Russell M Wright

Russell Wright got his SEO start in early 2004 after attending the Bruce Clay Certified SEO Training Program in Simi Valley California. From there he started an SEO software company with enterprise software architect Sue Bell. This company was call Theme Zoom LLC and later became Network Empire LLC. Russell co-invented well known SEO software tools like The Krakken Market Research Tool, The Last Keyword Tool (Now Called Keywords by Network Empire), The Painfinder Software, Domain Web Studio (also called DWS NE Silo Builder) as well as several SEO Wordpress Plugins. Russell Wright and Theme Zoom are probably best known for bringing SEO Website Silo Architecture to the masses